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Immigration Programs

Canada has a no. of immigration programs in place to achieve its immigration objectives more efficiently. Each program is geared to satisfy needs of the different sections of the society or regions of Canada. Though the terms ‘Permanent residence’, ‘landed immigrant’ or ‘immigration’ are most commonly used to refer to the fact of coming to Canada, it has varying connotation and contextual appeal for prospective and hopeful immigrants.By jurisdiction, these can be broadly categorized into

These are geared to cater to the needs of various regions as also sections of the society.

Different Immigration Programs:

Since each program is different, the client has a basket of choices to select from, thus providing an opportunity to Transcend to customize its solutions. Each program has different qualifying criteria, documentary requirements, and expected processing period among other factors. This offers the possibility of finding an immigration program suitable to individual situation. This website is an attempt made to explain a few salient features of different programs. The content on this website does not constitute a legal advice, and should not be treated as such. For immigration solutions related to your specific situation, please Contact Us.

Provincial Nominee Immigration Programs

Various provinces have introduced special immigration programs to address the skill shortages faced by them. These programs attract prospective immigrants to come and settle in the respective provinces. All PNPs have specified criteria that must be fulfilled in order to succeed. Generally, the provinces look for the ties that the immigrant can demonstrate to the province to improve the possibility of long-term settlement in the province. Each PNP has a no. of categories aimed at different classes of applicants like Skilled Worker, International Students, etc.

Job Offer in Canada

A job offer from an employer in the province is a requirement in many PNP categories. PNPs do not always require a recognized language test like IELTS to be taken by the applicant. The provinces make the selection decision, but the final decision to issue the visa rests with the federal immigration department. PNPs are attractive as the processing time is significantly lower compared to federal program.

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