Client Centric Process

Transcend prides itself on its Client-centric® process, which has the Client as the focus of its immigration strategy. The immigration needs of each client are catered to personally as an individual and not just a number. The required services are then rendered, with attention to minute details and timing. This leads to a client- specific strategy, guaranteed to give best results at optimum costs.

Elements of Client-centric® process


There is a two-step evaluation process:

We start by evaluating your prospects of immigrating to Canada, USA and other countries  including Points Assessment (No-cost to client). The second step focuses on your post-immigration settlement in Canada, USA or other selected country. A SWOT analysis vis-à-vis local conditions is carried out, which takes into account the `fit’ related to professional, personal, social and cultural factors.


Counseling sessions focus on policies and procedures, related to immigration to Canada, USA or other selected country.


We will assist you with collecting relevant documents, in accordance with requirements of immigration laws and regulations.

Transcend then undertakes complete documentation including Forms, required for your Application for Permanent Residence. Alongwith a covering letter highlighting your profile, the file is then submitted at the relevant processing centre.

Monitoring Progress

Step-by-step advice is provided on the progress of your immigration file, which includes handling queries as also guidance regarding Medical and visa procedures.

  •  Preparation for interview (if one is likely to be conducted).
  • Advice on medical tests for you and your family.
  • Preparation for relocation.

Transcending the boundaries of normal immigration services, we take steps to understand the individual situation and needs and make special efforts aimed at demystifying the process as also the future in Canada, USA or other selected country, from an individual’s point of view. Transcend realizes that each individual situation is different and the counsels its clients accordingly with a view to address individual concerns and queries. This helps in reducing the anxiety factor, which is natural to any immigration decision. Essentially, this involves educating the clients about local conditions, at the ground level to the best extent possible.