DIY Kits

Are you doing your Immigration application for Canada on your own? This section is for you.

Once you have perused the Application Guide for the program that you are applying in, you feel that additional pointers could be helpful.

No problem, we can help!

Transcend has prepared complete Application kits and an Advisory Note for different programs. The Advisory Note contains useful pointers and references from practical standpoint of Application processing. There are nuggets taken from a combination of case law, court decisions, immigration manuals, internal memos and notes of the immigration department & our professional experience.

For a one-time nominal payment, you can download the Advisory Note along with the Application set for following programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Application (‘Point system’) – $100
  • Federal Skilled Worker Application (‘Point system’) – with Arranged Employment – $100
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC) – $100
  • Work Permit – $150
  • Refugee – $200
  • Appeal for refusal of Sponsorship Application – $100
  • Residency requirements for Permanent residents – $200
  • Appeals for residency requirements – $100

Due to the numerous programs and options of Canadian immigration, you may not find the Advisory Note for all programs. Contact us, if your needs are not met by available DIY kits.