International Student Admissions

Post-secondary education in Canada may be broadly described as:

  • Short-term courses – e.g. English
  • Certificate course (usually 1 year) OR College Diploma (1 to 4 years, usually 2 years) OR Advanced Diploma (1 to 4 years, usually 3 years)- Technical, Pre-University OR
  • University Undergraduate (Bachelor”s) Degree – direct from high-school or after college diploma
  • Post-Diploma College courses
  • University Graduate (Master”s) Degree – 1-3 years, usually 2 years
  • Doctorate – 3 years or more

The educational institutions can be classified as:

  • Privately funded Colleges (can award certificates or Diploma)
  • Community colleges (can award Diploma, Advanced Diploma or degrees)
  • Universities – (can award degrees)

Most International students come to Canada for

  • Certificate course
  • College Diploma or Advanced Diploma
  • Post-Diploma courses
  • University Undergraduate (Bachelor”s) Degree

Admissions in any educational institution in Canada are governed by the usual factors:

  • Past grades and study performance
  • Consistency with the previous field and level of study
  • Language abilities – Test score

These determine:

  • the type of course,
  • the type of educational institution,
  • the duration of study, etc