Quebec Business Immigration

The Quebec immigration program targets:

Immigrant Investors [Currently Inactive] are required to demonstrate that they have sufficient net worth and business experience, and make required investment in an approved fund for 5 years. They are required to demonstrate a minimum Net worth of CDN$1.6 million (1600,000) and invest CDN$800,000 without interest for 5 years… [More]

Self-employed sub-class [Currently Inactive] caters to people who have the ability an intention to make significant contribution in any of the specified economic activity like cultural, athletic or agriculture and economically establish themselves. Farmers, sportspeople, artists, etc. are covered under this category. There is no requirement for a person to be a businessman in the past. They may create their own employment by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada. No minimum Net worth requirement, investment, etc. are required nor are any immigration conditions imposed on this class. The applicant is required to have enough money for self- support and establishing in Canada… [More]