Canada is a popular destination for immigrants from across the globe. It’s a melting pot of nationalities, race, culture, religion, ethnicity and people of all hues of life. It attracts the best talent & skills and offers top standard of life in a fair and transparent society. People from all and any background can expect to be treated the same, and hence are attracted to Canada.

Like any popular destination, Canada is selective in choosing foreigners. Since more people wish to make Canada their home than those that Canada can accept, a foreigner must demonstrate that his/ her skills are required by Canadians today. There is no better way to do this than obtaining an Offer of employment from a Canadian business.

An offer of employment from a bona fide Canadian company

  1. Is a requirement to qualify for an immigration program (work permit, many pnp); or
  2. helps many applicants improve the points score (through Arranged Employment Opinion); or
  3. helps the applicant in quick processing of immigration application (as these applications receive priority processing)

Transcend is the vital link between the Canadian business and the foreign worker, that helps both parties navigate the differing (confusing and often opposing) statutory requirements in working together.

Transcend will act as your representative in Canada, when you are abroad. Our efforts are focussed on offering you the realistic chance to become legally settled in Canada faster.