Brampton Immigration Consulting

Transcend Immigration Consultants is based in Brampton, Ontario. We are a comprehensive immigration and citizenship consulting firm, recognized for our client-focused approach, ensuring personalized attention and high-quality Canadian immigration services at reasonable costs.

We specialize in various immigration programs from our Brampton location, including the Start-Up Visa Program, and services for Business Immigration, targeting individuals with prior business or capital management experience who can contribute to the Canadian economy by investing in or starting businesses in Canada.

Transcend Consultants also focuses on educational and work-related immigration pathways, assisting international students in obtaining authorization to pursue post-secondary education in Canada. Furthermore, we provide services under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), a federal program that allows current and past temporary residents, including Temporary Foreign Workers and International Students, to apply for permanent residence. This program is an excellent pathway for those who have already established a connection with Canada through work or study.