Canadian Experience Class CEC

This Federal program under the Economic category allows current and past temporary residents (Temporary Foreign Workers and International Students) of Canada to apply for permanent residence.

CEC is based on a Pass/Fail test. The well-defined, objective criteria are expected to enable conclusion of majority of Applications quickly (and without the need for personal interview)

The qualifying criteria are as follows:
– Worked in Canada for a period of at least 12 months in the last 3 years
– The occupation must be included in NOC Skill level 0, OR A/B
– Must achieve a minimum score of 7 or 5 bands in the IELTS test, depending upon their occupation

The Program is open to Temporary Foreign Workers & International Students, either in Canada or outside.

General Requirements:

The Applicant must have had a valid temporary status during the qualifying period.
The Applicant must demonstrate proficiency in English or French language to the level required
Current valid status or your presence in Canada at the time of Application is not a requirement for this program.