Miscelllaneous Programs

These programs are targeted at specific categories of applicants, or aimed at specific purposes:

  • Credentials Assessment: Under the current requirements, some Applicants must provide Education Credential Assessment from a designated organization….more…..
  • Citizenship Applications – Permanent residents of Canada can apply for a Canadian citizenship, once they have met the requirements…..more…..
  • Oaths – People needing to make a declaration or oath can approach us to do so. We are located in the Peel region of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada and will be glad to provide a fast, inexpensive service…..more…..
  • PR Card renewals – Permanent Residents are required to hold a valid Permanent Residence (PR) Card, in order to be able to enter Canada…..more…..
  • Immigration Appeals – Decisions made by Immigration officials can be appealed at various levels…..more…..
  • Caregiver programs – The Applicant applies for permanent resident status, comes to Canada on a Temporary Work permit, works for 2 years and becomes permanent resident of Canada. ….more…..
  • NAFTA and other treaties – Canada is signatory to a number of international treaties/ agreements , which allow for preferential entry into Canada for their respective citizens….more…..
  • Refugee – Canada offers protection to people who fear or face risk returning to their home country….more…..
  • Temporary Resident Permit – This pert allows temporary entry to individuals who are found ‘inadmissible’ due to a provision of law, but deserve to be in Canada…..more…..
  • Humanitarian & Compassionate grounds – This program allows the Officer to admit applicants as Permanent residents, if the applicant can prove existence of these grounds, and that the situation is truly exceptional…..more…..