Our Role

Transcend provides comprehensive immigration consulting and counselling for legal immigration to Canada. We understand that the process of immigration application is an important initial step in your drive to successfully re-establish in Canada, even after you are able to establish that you meet the selection criteria. There are supplementary processes related to relocation and career/ social growth in Canada, which need to be addressed while making an immigration decision. Transcend works towards a brighter and better future for its clients by acting as a one-stop shop for all their immigration related needs. As a part of its Client-centricĀ® process, which has client at the centre of each step, Transcend focuses on dissemination and sharing of relevant information individually with each client.

When requesting an assessment, it is advisable to forward the profile of both the spouses, in order to decide Who should apply. On receipt of the request, Transcend carries out a Free no-obligations assessment for the client. The assessment report would include immigration options available to the client. A complete immigration strategy is then worked out in consultation with the client. Transcend would then collect relevant information and provide guidance regarding the documentation, followed by completion of the Application forms. A submission is then made to the relevant immigration office, highlighting the relevant and important aspects of the application and addressing any likely issues that may arise during processing. Our Client-centric process means that the client gets full benefit of our knowledge of the Immigration rules while avoiding any pitfalls that may impede progress or success of the application. The client also receives Advice on immigration matters during the processing of the Application.

On successful completion of the Application, Transcend can also assist with guidance about settlement services.

Transcend is an immigration consulting organisation. It does not purport to be or represent itself as an immigration lawyer. It is noteworthy that the Canadian immigration system accords similar status to both immigration consultants and lawyers. At the same time, we do not claim to have any special relationship with the immigration department.