Federal Business

Federal Business Immigration Programs

The Federal immigration program has 2 sub-categories at present:

[Note: Following extensive revisions being planned in immigration selection system, many of these programs are inactive at present. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about any program.]

Start-up Business Class: People with a promising business idea or innovative businesses, that can complete globally while creating employment in Canada. The business idea must be supported by a designated angel investor group or venture capital fund, that has committed to invest at least CA$ 75,000….[more]…

Self-employed sub-class caters to people who have the ability an intention to make significant contribution in any of the specified economic activity like cultural or athletic and economically establish themselves. Sportspeople, artists, etc. are covered under this category. There is no requirement for a person to be a businessman in the past. They may create their own employment by engaging in one of the above specified activities in Canada. No minimum Net worth, investment, etc. are required nor are any immigration conditions imposed on this class. The applicant is required to have enough money for self- support and establishing in Canada… [more]