Things To Know

Things to know

    • The information contained on this website is a brief outline. Each case is different, and will require different strategy to ensure success. Among other things, timelines for finalising applications are different.
    • The initial application for the visa for entry into Canada has to be made outside Canada, in most cases at the Canadian embassy serving your home country. The possibility of successfully applying from within Canada or from other countries is minimal.
    • Each type of visa has strict and well- defined requirements. Credible documentary evidence to support each requirement is necessary. Proper and comprehensive documentation plays a critical role in the success of any visa application, and a professional immigration representative has valuable contribution in this regard.
    • Additional factors are considered before a visa is issued. These include health, security/criminality and financial means.
    • Health – Generally, people with reasonably good health would qualify. In case, if you or your family members have a contagious disease or any medical condition requiring significant medical care, the application may be refused.   
    • Canada is particular about not letting people with previous convictions/ criminal and other acts etc. to come to Canada. It is therefore, important to point out such circumstances at the outset.
    • Sufficient financial means to allow you and your family members to survive for the initial 6 months in Canada. You have to demonstrate these funds in liquid form, when filing your application as also during interview and landing.
    • There is a processing fee required to be paid to the Canadian government. The amount varies depending on the type of visa applied for and the circumstances of the case. This fee is for processing the application and not for its success; and thus is non-refundable.