Foss Notes

Already in Canada, and would like to find out your record with immigration?

The immigration records within Canada are maintained at different immigration offices across Canada, and within the processing centres, in a database system called Field Operations Support System (FOSS).

Since 2011/2012, Immigration offices are using a more integrated version of such database called ‘Global Case Management System’ (GCMS).

FOSS/GCMS  notes provide information related to all the interactions that immigration may have had regarding an applicant or actions taken with respect to an application. This is a valuable tool to understand how future Applications from you or your family members are going to be treated by the immigration OR what type of welcome you can expect the next time you arrive in Canada from overseas!

A few of the application types that this system maintains information on are:

  • Permanent Residence Applications processed within Canada – Skilled worker, Spouse-in-Canada, Refugee claimants, Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) holders, Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) cases, etc.
  • Citizenship applications.
  • Temporary residence Applications – Renewal / Extension of Work permit, Study permit & Visitor Visa.