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Immigrant Investor Program to re-open

June 13, 2013 (Check for most recent update below this post)

Immigrant Investor Program to re-open

MICC, the Quebec Immigration Ministry has disclosed that it wishes to re-open the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) on August 1, 2013 with the same requirements.

MICC is likely to accept a limited number of applications in this intake (estimated around 2000), with country-wise caps. There will likely be restrictions related to method of file submission as well.

The last intake of 2700 applications (in March, 2012) was full in about a month.

The processing fee is increasing to CA$ 10,000.

No official announcement has been made so far.


July 20, 2013

In an official announcement, the above has been confirmed. In addition, the update includes the following announcements:

- Official Intake period will be from August 1 – 16, 2013.

- The processing order for all applications received in this period will be decided by a draw. (This is different from the normal First-In-First-Out [FIFO] processing)


August 16, 2013

The intake  has closed.