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Programów federalnych

The Federal government operates the most widely used immigration programs of Canada. Based on the duration of stay and the rights afforded to applicant, these are of 2 principal types:

a) Permanent Residence programs:

The Applicant (and family including spouse and dependant children) come to Canada to settle permanently. They become ‘Permanent Resident’ of Canada, (also referred to as ‘landed immigrant’), and enjoy almost all the rights afforded to Canadian citizens (except a few). They can apply for Canadian citizenship on meeting the requirements.

b) Temporary Residence programs:

The Applicants enter Canada for temporary purposes, after satisfying the Officer that they will leave Canada at the end of their authorized stay. The temporary purpose could be:
– Wizyta – as a tourist or business exploration or family visits ….więcej…..
– as International Students ….więcej
– as Temporary Foreign Workers ….więcej

Conditions are imposed on Temporary residents at entry, and they are expected to abide by the same during their stay in Canada. Some Temporary Residents may be eligible to apply for permanent residence status from within Canada (e.g. Class Experience Kanada)

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