In addition to Canadian Immigration, Transcend provides Immigration assistance for Business people in various other countries. Some of these are listed here.

USAEB5 Investment programs of the USA, which leads to direct permanent residence for Applicant and family.

Malaysia: Malaysia offers a lifetime multiple-entry visa, upon making a nominal deposit with their government. The deposit is fully recoverable, upon withdrawal from the program…more….

Immigrant Investor or Second Passport programs: Transcend Consultants actively assists our clients in Immigrant Investor or Second Passport programs of various countries. The common theme of these countries is:

  • Ease of obtaining residency/ passport
  • Nominal investment (As low as US$ 100,000)
  • Nominal or No Net Worth requirements
  • Short Processing period (starting from 6 months and more)
  • Visa Free Travel (VFT) to a number of countries (details below)
  • Ease of travel to many sought-after countries
  • No minimum language/ educational skills required

A few countries offering such programs are:

Country # of Visa Free Travel (VFT) Countries
Antigua & Barbuda 113
Australia 189
Bulgaria  157
Cyprus  >150
Dominica >70
Hong Kong  168
Latvia  >150
Panama  >150
Singapore  171
St.Kitts & Nevis  >125
United Kingdom  189

Transcend Consultants in the above programs and assists our clients. Please Contact Us for more information.