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Canadian Employers of In-Home Caregivers

Information for Canadian Employers of In-Home Caregivers / Nannies (Previously referred to as Live-in Caregiver Program)

Note: The new program has many new features. Principal among those, is that the Live-in requirement has been eliminated. 

In-Home caregivers are qualified individuals who work without supervision in a private household providing care for:

a)       children,

b)      elderly persons (aged 65 or over), or

c)       persons with disabilities

Caregivers are alternately referred to as Nannies, Au-pair, caregivers, home-care providers, and more.

Many Canadian families are in search of a suitable, qualified In-home caregiver for home care of such family members. Canada is facing a shortage of qualified caregivers, who are willing to work in the employer’s homes. The Government therefore, allows Canadian families to recruit in-home caregivers from abroad, and issues visa to facilitate their entry into Canada.

Transcend facilitates selection and recruitment of Foreign In-home caregivers by Canadian families.

As a Canadian Immigration Consultancy, Transcend Consultants deals with qualified candidates from various countries, willing to work in Canada as caregiver.

Though the processing time varies, usually it takes anywhere between 4-6 months after selection and finalisation of employment contract for the caregiver to get the visa for Canada.

A few salient features of our Caregiver program from the employer’s standpoint are as follows: 

-     You, the Canadian employer select the candidate – Telephonic/ Video interview possible

-     Qualified as per the Canadian government criteria to work in Canada as a In-home caregiver

-     Many years of experience in care of children, people of all ages, physically challenged, etc.

-     Flexible, hard-working & adjustable

-     Light Housekeeping duties – cooking, laundry, etc.

-     Ready for long-term commitment – would prefer to stay for 3-5 years

-     Candidate can start working with you in 4-6 months’ time

-     This is not a Sponsorship commitment, just an employment offer.

-     You do not need to compromise on your ‘core’ requirements

-     Criminality/ Medical check completed before the Immigration Department issues a visa 

-     We do all the paperwork

-     Nominal Professional Fee

Responsibilities of Canadian Employer:

This is a normal employer- employee relationship, governed by employment standards legislation in most provinces and territories. Caregiver employees are expected to perform the contracted duties and in turn are entitled to days off each week, statutory holidays, extra pay for overtime work and a salary that meets at least the minimum wage.

The employer must provide acceptable working conditions, reasonable duties and fair market wages. Only if the Caregiver agrees, the employer is also expected to provide accommodation that ensures privacy, such as a private room with a lock on the door. The caregiver pays rent for a room in employer’s home and is entitled to privacy. The employer must provide the employee with a key to the house to ensure freedom of access.

A successful relationship is one which also respects the caregiver’s cultural or religious practices and discusses his or her needs.

Government Requirements:

In order for you to hire a Non-Canadian worker, Canadian employer is required to obtain an employment authorization called Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). While being a facilitative document, the LMIA process does consider a no. of criteria.

Canadian government (ESDC/HRSDC) has specified a number of requirements for the Canadian employers under the In-home caregiver program. The following are note-worthy, primarily given the financial commitment for Canadian employer:

  • Employment contract
  • Room and board
  • Processing Fee
  • Transportation
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Workplace Safety Insurance

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