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Humanitarian & Compassionate

Humanitarian & Compassionate

This is a special program that allows persons, who do not qualify under the Skilled worker Selection system achieve permanent residence in Canada. The Application can be processed either within or outside of Canada. They have to convince the visa officer that they are facing ‘extraordinary” circumstances, and they face ‘undue hardship’, if they stay in their country of residence, etc.

This is a discretionary visa and thus, rarely successful. To be considered under this program, the Officer must be convinced that the applicant will face extreme or undue hardship, if not allowed to enter/ remain in Canada. Generally, spouses, dependent children of Canadian citizens/ PRs, De facto family members, people facing risk, family violence, Long-term illegal residents unable to leave due to circumstances beyond their control, etc. find it easier to make a successful application under this category.

The economic challenges being faced or likely to be faced in home country are not considered under this program.

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