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Parents Immigration set to re-open in 2014

May 12, 2013

Citizenship & Immigration Canada is set to re-open the Immigration program for sponsoring parents and grandparents by Canadians in January, 2014.

The program was closed for new applications in December, 2011, while the department revamped the program criteria and cleared the backlog of pending applications.

The announcement includes details on the criteria proposed for new program:

  • 5000 applications to be accepted per year.
  • Minimum necessary income to be increased by 30%
  • Sponsor must demonstrate the above income for lat 3 years (up from 1 year)
  • The income proof documents restricted to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)-issued Notice of Assessment (eliminating the flexibility in supporting documentation)
  • The period of undertaking increased to 20 years (from the current 10 years)

Given the restrictions on application intake and the focus on complete applications, it is imperative for sponsors to prepare a complete application in advance.

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