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Canada’s visa Application very complex for travellers

Canada’s visa Application is the most complex they have faced, say frequent travellers visiting Canada and many other countries.

According to an article in the Globe & Mail, the annoying requirements lead to the Applications being returned or denied, turning away legitimate visitors and business people.

“Canada is a beautiful country with excellent and friendly people and I can recommend it to every Czech tourist. But the truth is the application process is really complicated,” said Robert Tripes, the chargé d’affaires at the Czech embassy in Ottawa. “A lot of people prefer to choose another destination.”

The application documents for a Canadian visitor’s visa are about as detailed and complicated as the forms for applying for top-secret clearance with the government of Canada.

The article underscores the perils of treating the Canadian visa application casually, especially when Doing-It-Yourself or using Untrained Representatives.

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