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Investor programs target ‘passive’ investment options.

The Applicant is required to demonstrate that:

  • they have sufficient legally obtained net worth – CA$1.6 million ($1600,000)
  • they have sufficient business experience
  • and make required investment in an approved fund for 5 years – CA$800,000

The investment is made with an approved financial institution, and is guaranteed by the government. The investment is returned without interest after the investment period.

For Applicants qualifying on Net Worth and other criteria, there is a possibility of financing the investment amount with the financial institution for a one-time non-refundable payment. The financing fee ranges from CDN$200,000 to 210,000 and changes from time to time.

The Federal government has frozen intake of Applications under this program, and has announced that the program will be revised. There are strong indications that the investment amounts will be raised, and that the investor will have to ‘actively’ manage the investment.

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