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Quebec Immigration Programs

Quebec, a province of Canada, has a special status within the Canadian confederation, with a distinct francophone identity. Several provisions within the constitution of Canada enable Quebec to maintain its distinct cultural identity and grow its majority French- speaking population.

Immigration agreement

Canada and Quebec have signed an immigration accord whereby the province has sole responsibility of selecting immigrants destined for Quebec. The accord allows the province to pass a special immigration law, with a wide-ranging authority to establish selection criteria, process applicants and make selection decisions.

French language

Contrary to popular belief, fluency in French is not the most important criteria in selection, though any demonstrable ties to Quebec influence the selection decision.

The program is attractive as the selection criteria are different and flexible. And the processing is faster than most federal programs.

Quebec has a provincial immigration Act and an immigration department that handles the following functions broadly:

  • Establish selection criteria for Quebec
  • Acceptance of applications
  • Assessment and Processing
  • Issuing permit (CSQ)

Once the CSQ is issued by Quebec, the applicant can then apply to the concerned Canadian embassy for visa to enter Canada. Canadian embassies carry out the admissibility checks (medical and security related) before issuing a visa.

Just as in Federal system, Quebec has several immigration programs like

Immigration Quebec Offices

Quebec has its immigration offices at various locations around the globe, which serve clients from various countries.

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