In this class people get admitted based on their ability to become economically established in Canada. People in a wide variety of occupations/ professions, can qualify under this group either as:

Canada has re-invigorated its immigrant selection system in 2015, to ‘actively’ select immigrants, instead of the historic ‘passive’ system of selection. Termed as ‘Express Entry’ [EE] system, this is a 2-step automated, modernized and efficient application management process.

Express Entry system will cover the following Immigration programs (Applicants must meet the criteria for one of the programs below before entering the EE system):

For a list of 2021 Express Entry draws, click here.

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For Provincial Express Entry Streams, click here.

For Applicants who meet all the criteria for any of the programs above, the Express Entry system works as follows:

At Stage 1, prospective immigrants fill in a form to indicate their “interest” in coming to Canada. The candidate receives points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (for factors such as work experience, language proficiency, education, etc.)  and is then ‘ranked’ relative to other applicants in the ‘pool’, based on the prevailing criteria. (Likely to fluctuate frequently, influenced by needs identified by federal and provincial/territorial governments and employers.)

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a detailed 1200 point grid, with points break-down as follows:

1. Core Human Capital Factor 460 (Married applicants), 500 (Unmarried applicants)
2. Spouse Factor 40 (Married applicants ONLY)
3. Skill Transferability Factor 100
4. Arranged Employment or Provincial Nomination 600

At Stage 2, candidates are issued an “Invitation to Apply” (ITA) for permanent residence. The ITA would be based on either direct selection by a Canadian employer or achieving a certain rank or a combination thereof. (Likely to change periodically, based on factors like available ‘pool’, inventory, etc.). Candidates will have certain timeline to file an official Application for permanent residence with supporting documentation and receive a visa in shorter duration.

EOI graphic (Courtesy:

EOI graphic (Courtesy:


Noteworthy features:

  • The EE submission is not an application itself. Hence, there’s no obligation to process.
  • The EE system is not a visa program. Applicants must independently qualify under one of the Immigration Programs.
  • There are no pass marks on the Comprehensive Ranking Grid (see above). The top-ranked applicants will be picked.
  • Not all applicants who file an expression of interest will receive an ITA.
  • Only those applicants who receive an ITA can file the official Application for permanent residence
  • The information submitted at Stage 1, will need to be supported by documentation at stage 2.