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Business Immigration

Business Immigration:

In today’s global business business environment, it is important for capital, business owners and executives to be able to move from one jurisdiction to another in a quick, efficient manner.

Canada has a no. of options for business people to come, settle and do business in Canada.

These programs are for applicants with previous business or capital management experience, who have the ability to create employment for themselves in Canada. Business immigrants invest in, or start businesses in Canada and thus support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy.

By jurisdiction, these can be broadly categorized into

These are meant for different types of business people:

  • Farmers
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Self-employed

Currently, many business programs are suspended, pending revisions. For instance, Quebec has suspended intake of Applications for its Self-employed program.

Farmers may immigrate to Canada under Federal or provincial jurisdictions. While Farmers are included under Self-employed category at the Federal level, they are a distinct category under many Provincial programs…more….

Investors are required to demonstrate that they have sufficient net worth and business experience, and make required investment in an approved fund for 5 years. They are required to demonstrate a minimum Net worth of CDN$800,000 and invest CDN$400,000 without interest for 5 years……more….

Entrepreneurs/ Start-up Visa: Canada’s Entrepreneur program has been replaced by a Start-Up visa program, that offers permanent residence to Business people with a promising business idea or innovative businesses, that can complete globally while creating employment in Canada…….more….

Self-employed sub-class caters to people who have the ability an intention to make significant contribution in any of the specified economic activity like cultural, athletic or agriculture and economically establish themselves. Farmers, sportspeople, artists, etc. are covered under this category. There is no requirement for a person to be a businessman in the past. They may create their own employment by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada. No minimum Net worth requirement, investment, etc. are required nor are any immigration conditions imposed on this class. The applicant is required to have enough money for self- support and establishing in Canada………more….

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