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Immigration law in Canada and many other countries allows providing advice on immigration matters by authorized individuals only. For instance, the rules in Canada are set out in this note.

Transcend Consultants provides wide-ranging consultancy services in the area of immigration. With principal focus on Canadian Immigration, our services cover selective immigration to many countries like USA, Cyprus and other EU countries, and more. We are a team of authorized Immigration professionals, and ensure that the client gets the best assistance for their needs.

Transcend welcomes interest from business people in different jurisdictions, to become a Transcend Marketing Associates (TMA). Transcend seeks committed and sincere individuals, interested in helping our clients achieve their dreams in a legal and respectful manner. Transcend prides itself for itself commitment to provide an honest, straight-forward advice and stellar customer-service, and selects TMAs who are equally likely to emulate our values.

TMAs solicit interested clients in their respective jurisdiction, and provide local support in their immigration endeavour as guided/ directed by Transcend. TMAs are expected NOT to provide immigration advice independently, but act as a conduit for information and advice. Needless to say, TMAs are handsomely rewarded for their contribution.

Should you visualize yourself in the role of TMA, please send an email with the following words in subject line: Interested TMA – Confidential.

Transcend can assist in all the immigration categories. For a FREE assessment, please click here or email your resume today